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Recital 2019 Handbook


April means that recital is just over 2 months away! We know everyone is getting excited. So are we! Posted above is the link to our Recital Handbook. All information can be found on the “Recital” tab of our website!

Recital is June 8th and 9th with a full tech/dress rehearsal (full hair and makeup) the Tuesday (6/4) and Wednesday (6/5) before. 

All of the information below can be found in the handbook, but we wanted to pull out some things to note now in case it takes a few days to get to reading the Recital Handbook

Volunteers Opportunities

We have a sign-up sheet for backstage mom help (sorry dads, but there will be girls changing backstage!). Most of the younger kids will need two moms per class. Backstage moms will be able to sit in the audience to watch their dancer(s) perform and then meet them backstage afterward. They will not need to buy a ticket to the show. Backstage moms are the glue that holds the show together and running smoothly! We appreciate all those who sign up to help. Please see section 11 of the handbook for more information on this and other volunteer opportunities. If you are interested, please email us at [email protected]!

Recital Video

Videotaping is welcome during dress rehearsal only.  Just as in a professional Theatre production, videotaping during a performance is not allowed, both as a courtesy to other members of the audience as well as the dancers.  Our dancers do not want to look out into the audience and see screens instead of their loved ones’ faces, nor do audience members want their view to be blocked by the bright screens of cameras, iPhones, iPads, etc. It can also be distracting and dangerous to the dancers, not to mention watching through a screen will inhibit your experience of the performance. Dance is meant to be enjoyed live!

New this year, we will be offering a high-quality digital download of the recital! The fee for this was included in our Annual Membership. If you opted of of the membership, your account has already been charged for the download. You will be able to put the download onto a USB drive, burn a copy to a DVD, or send a link, so your family and friends will be able to enjoy the Recital even if they are not able to physically be there.  Physical copies of the Recital will also be available for purchase.  The cost to purchase one performance is $22 (in addition to the $8 fee) and $5 each to add additional shows.

Now you can sit back, relax, and enjoy the show!

Program Ads and Shout-outs

Advertising space for the program is available for purchase! If you have a business and wish to advertise, we will have the information for that out soon. Shout Out space will also be available for personal messages to your dancer or friend for $10. Dancers love seeing a fun positive message with their name on it before their big performance!  Please hand in all ads and shout-outs by Wednesday, May 1st.


Picture Day
Picture day is May 18th, so mark your calendars! There will be times set aside throughout the day for each dance in recital. Younger dancers will be photographed in the morning and older dancers in the afternoon with some of our oldest dancers attending on Friday night. Dancers are requested to attend Picture Day even if you are not planning on purchasing a picture for that class. The ones who are purchasing want to remember all their friends who danced with them that year!

Dancers should arrive at the studio at least 15 minutes prior to their scheduled time in full hair and stage makeup, but change at the studio. Please do not wear your costumes outside! If you are late for your time, you will miss being in the group photo but can take an individual photo. 



All of this information can be found in the Recital Handbook, but we gathered the most frequently asked questions below for you in one place.

Why do we pay extra tuition in May?

* Tuition is a yearly amount broken into 9.5 installments for your convenience. The last installment is 1.5 in order for accounts to be up-to-date before tickets go on sale in late May.

Why do we have to pay for recital tickets?

* There are a lot of expenses associated with putting on a recital, such as the auditorium and music room rental, scenery and props, overtime custodial fees, insurance, program printing and more.  Without charging admission to the show, the studio would not be able to put on an end of year show to showcase all the amazing things our dancers have learned throughout the year.

Why are the dancers required to wear make-up on stage?

* Dancers wear makeup on stage to enhance their facial features, which can be washed out under the harsh stage lights. Makeup makes their fantastic facial expressions!

Why are only backstage volunteers allowed backstage?

* It is for the safety of the dancers. It would be too difficult to track whether each child is going home with the proper adult if everyone’s parents were backstage.

Can I videotape my child on stage?

* Videotaping is welcome during dress rehearsal only.  Just as in a professional Theatre production, videotaping during a performance is not allowed, both as a courtesy to other members of the audience as well as the dancers.  Audience members do not want their view to be blocked by the bright screens of cameras, iPhones, iPads, etc nor do your dancers want to look out into the audience.  This year the $8 DVD fee covers a digital version of Recital sent to you roughly 6-8 weeks following Recital. This way you can sit back, relax and enjoy the show!

Can I take photos of my child on stage?

* We ask that audience members do not use devices with bright screens to take pictures while the dancer is on stage.  If you have a camera, both the flash and the screen must be turned off.  Flash photography can be very harmful to our dancers!

Does my child have to stay for the entire show?

* Yes, all dancers return to the stage for a final bow. Children will be released to their parents at the end of the show. Backstage moms will have activities to keep them occupied, but packing books and games will help backstage.  The recital will also be playing on a screen for them to watch.  Besides, ALL of the dancers have worked very hard and equally deserve to have a full audience to watch their performances!

What do I do if my children are in different shows?

* We try as much as possible to get siblings in the same show, however, it is not always possible.  Dancers who have a sibling performing in a different show can get a special ticket code for a free ticket to their sibling’s show.  If this applies to your family, you will need to email us by May 5th and let us know what show each sibling will be attending.  We will email your code out before tickets go on sale.

If I volunteer backstage, will I still see my child dance?

* Yes! Volunteers help dancers get ready in the dressing rooms and then escort the class to the backstage area a few numbers before their dance.  One the class is released to the backstage area, you can then go to the audience to watch them on stage.  After they exit the stage, volunteers return to the backstage area to escort them back to their dressing area.

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