Recital Announcement: We are beyond thrilled to let you know that our application has been accepted to hold our annual Recital at Dover High School the weekend of June 11th and 12th!! Wahoo! There will be tech rehearsals on Wednesday June 8th and Thursday June 9th.  We will have times for each event as it gets closer, so please set aside time for those dates in your calendar.  We aren’t always able to accommodate any schedules conflicts, but we try when we can.  Please let us know if you have any conflicts ASAP and we will see if we are able to accommodate that for you.

Inclement Weather

As we are approaching snow season, we want to remind everyone how to know about any inclement weather cancellations. Most of the time if school is closed, the studio will be closed as well. In case of closure, we will post to Facebook and send out an e-mail roughly 2 hours before the start of class. Please wait to contact us until that 2 hour mark has pasted.  Sometimes things can change in the evenings, so we like to wait until closer to class time to make the call!

Please note, per our policies, Joy of Dance is not responsible for cancellations due to bad weather, however, students are always welcome to make up any missed classes at another time.  Just send us an email to set up a makeup date so we don’t have too many makeups on the same night. (see make up policy below).


Free Trial Week *SPECIAL ALERT!*

October 18th begins our free trial week! Free trial week is for current dancers to try new classes and for new dancers to check us out as well. This is our chance to get some new faces in and boost enrollment. If anyone asks about bringing new friends, let them know they should have them register for the trial online. Please note that only open classes are available for the free trial week.

SPECIAL- If you bring a friend and he or she signs up within 24 hours, then you will both receive a $20 account credit! They just need to write your name in the referral line when registering for the class.  On top of that, you are still eligible to receive the referral credit of $50 after your friend has been registered for 3 months! That’s $70 in savings for EVERY dancers you refer.


Halloween Week! October 25th-31st. 

We will still be celebrating our favorite Spooky Season during our Halloween costume week! Make sure you get your costumes ready!


2 for $2 Special for new students

Do you have a friend who you think would love to join our dance family? If they can’t make free class week, let them know about this special offer!  With fall sports coming to an end, why not try new dance classes? Simply purchase a voucher for just $2 and you will be able to attend 2 classes in the same week! We only have a hand full of vouchers left, so don’t wait to tell your friends and have them contact the office via email or phone to receive theirs today.  Don’t forget to tell them about our referral program!  When they put you name down at registration, you with BOTH receive a $25 account credit after 3 months.


Makeup Classes:

As stated in our attendance policies, if a dancer misses a class for any reason, he or she is welcome to make up that class at a different time. It is much easier to make up classes in the fall as we have not started our Recital pieces yet. Classes for ages 3- to 7-year-olds have an opposite class on a different day that you may attend. If there is not an opposite class, another class offered closest to your age group can be taken instead. Please call or text 603-664-4309 or email the office to set up your makeup class.


Boots & Slippers

Cold and bitter weather is on the horizon whether we like it or not. Please remember to take off your mucky boots when entering the studio. We understand feet get cold in the winter so it’s a great idea to bring a pair of slippers with you for our Tiny Stars parents who are waiting in the lobby while their dancer is in class.



Thank you!

Miss Lindsey, Owner & Director

Lindsay Sullivan, Studio Manager




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