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Hello Joy of Dancers and families!

I hope everyone is enjoying fall so far! Hooray for the weather is finally feeling like fall too!

Hair Ties & Water Bottles

Many of our dancers are showing up to class without their hair tied back and no hair tie for us to help them with.  If this happens, dancers may borrow one from a friend, purchase a set of 4 hair elastics for $1 or they will need to sit out for class.  Remember, this is part of your uniform and is an important part of dance training! Water bottles are also important for our older dancers especially to have each week.   This way they can stay hydrated throughout dance and not disrupt class by having to get water from the refrigerator.  Of course, it will still be available in case anyone forgets, but this will allow for a more productive class for everyone.  Forgotten water bottles will be stored on top of the microwave for a few weeks before they are discarded.

Events and holiday/vacation closures

Remember to check out the Parent and Student Handbook or the website for when the studio is open/closed during vacations and holidays and for performance events as well.

Open Columbus Day Monday, October 9th

We will be holding classes as usual on Columbus Day.  Don’t forget to attend that day!!

Tuition reminder

Just a reminder that tuition is due the 1st of the month. Monthly tuition will be posted before the 1st so that you may view the fees posted to your account.  Late fees will be posted after the 10th of the month and accounts not paid by the 20th of each month will have their backup card charged.  Also, when paying by check, please remember to write the month on the memo line of your check, along with anything else that might be included in the check(costumes, t-shirt orders, ballet shoes, etc).

Student Choreography Showcase

Any student in a class for ages 8 and up can start signing up for their showcase piece! Showcase Pieces are a dance students can choreograph themselves or with other dancers for Recital.  This is a wonderful opportunity for dancers to showcase their creative side along with their love of dance.  Interested dancers must have song approval before starting his or her choreography.  The checklist is listed below as well as posted in the studio as a reference.  Copied below is a list of FAQ’s regarding the Showcase.

Student Choreography pieces will have their own showcase before the Sunday Recital. In order to make this show free for audience members to attend, there will be a small performance fee for the dancers. We will accept up to 15 pieces for the showcase.  Auditions will take place in March.  If you are unable to make the audition day, we will figure out another arrangement before the audition date.  I will be sending out more information on the Student Choreography Showcase within the next couple of weeks.

FREE Trial week!

From Monday, October 9th to Saturday, October 14th, currents dancers can try a new class, such as Musical Theatre, Tap, Lyrical, Hip Hop or Modern for free all this week! Friends are also welcome to come try the class with them.  All open classes are eligible for a free trial class for new or current students. Please check out the registration page to see what classes are still open. Classes that say Register next to them are open to try this week.


Halloween parties will go from Tuesday, October 25th to Monday, October 31st. Everyone should come in costume with his or her dance clothes underneath.  We will be doing fun dance games during class and also handing out candy.  If you or your child have any allergies or dietary restrictions, please let me know so we can have options for everyone. Candy made in a peanut/tree nut free facility will be available.  IMPORTANT- All dancers must wait until after they leave the studio before opening any candy.  If there is a conflict with trick or treating and our Halloween parties, let us know ASAP so we can adjust for our party.

Birthday Parties!

Joy of Dance offers fun, energetic and creative birthday parties! Everyone will have a great time at your child’s party and the best part is that you won’t have to lift a finger.  You can find more information on birthday parties on our website under the classes tab.


Costume Deposits

Costume Deposits of $30 per dance are due November 1st.  More detailed information on this will be sent later in the month.

Competition Classes

Competiton fees of $45 per dancer per dance for teams and troupes are due October 15th.  All regular classes that will be participating in the spring competition will have the fee due on December 1st.


Have a great fall!

Miss Lindsey


FAQ’s for our Student Choreography Showcase

What is the Student Choreography Showcase?  Dancers in a class for ages 8 and up can put together a piece by themselves or with a friend to be performed in the showcase.

When are pieces performed? The Student Choreography Showcase will take place before the Sunday Recital.

Do I have to purchase tickets to attend the Showcase? No, we want as many people as possible to have the opportunity to attend the Showcase!

Why is there a Performance fee?  Because we are not requiring audience members to purchase tickets to the showcase, there is a performance fee of $20 per dancer.  This fee will cover the cost of hiring the staff at the school and our staff from Joy of Dance to put on the show as well as the rental fee without requiring audience members to purchase tickets for the showcase.

How can my dancer sign up? Miss Lindsey needs to approve of all songs before dancers start choreographing.  There is a signup sheet on her desk.

Why does my dancer have to audition?  The reason we are holding auditions is to make sure all choreography, music and costume ideas are completed at the time of the audition.  Before holding the auditions, we were constantly chasing dancers to complete all steps by the deadline, which isn’t fun for anyone! By holding an audition, dancers must show responsibility by being required to have everything completed by that date or they will not have their piece in the Showcase.  This will help them to take the Showcase seriously and abide by all deadlines.  As long as a dancer auditions with cut music, choreography written down, a costume idea and a polished piece(it’s ok if you forget a few steps!), he or she will have a spot in the showcase.  Dances thrown together carelessly, last minute or missing any requirements will not make it into the Showcase.

1. The song needs to be approved by Miss Lindsey.
2. The dance MUST be under 2 minutes.
3. The written choreography is to be handed in.
4. The completed piece is to be performed at the audition.
5. Costumes need to planned out, but not purchased until April.


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