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Listed below are all the important events and reminders coming up this month.  Next to each item is listed who this applies to.

1. Open for Veteran’s Day 11/10 & 11/11- Friday and Saturday Dancers

2. Our Waiting Area is a Quiet Lobby that opens at 3:40p- Bring headphones for devices!

3. Thanksgiving Break 11/20-11/26- Everyone

4. Studio Calendar & 2023/2024 Facebook page!-Everyone

5. Inclement Weather- Everyone

6. Boots and Slippers-Everyone who uses the lobby

7. Stage Ready Investment- Everyone performing

8. Winter Showcase Information- Everyone performing

9. Holiday Photos-12/3- Everyone

10. Acts of Kindness: Food Drive- Everyone

11. Try Everything Special 11/27-12/2!- Everyone

12. Safe Haven Ballet Nutcracker and The Grinch!- Everyone




1. Open for Veteran’s Day- Friday and Saturday Dancers

Please note, that we will be open for classes on Friday, 11/10 and Saturday, 11/11.


2. Our Waiting Area is a Quiet Lobby that opens at 3:40 pm

We love the community that builds in our waiting room! We also recognize that can cause the lobby to get a little loud at times. That noise is starting to spill into the studios and affect the concentration in our classrooms.

We are asking for your help to make our lobby a “Quiet Lobby”.  To accomplish this, anyone using a device in the lobby will either need to keep the sound off or bring headphones to use.

If you are bringing siblings into the lobby to wait during class, please make sure to bring an activity with you! In order to keep everyone safe, we need to make sure there is no running (toddlers who can’t run fast are fine!). If your child has a hard time sitting still while in the lobby, we recommend waiting in the car or leaving them at home if at all possible.

For our afternoon classes, the waiting areas will be open starting at 3:40 pm. This will allow our front desk staff plenty of time to get the waiting areas and studios ready for the night!




3. Thanksgiving Break – Everyone

The studio will be closed for normal classes during our Thanksgiving Break from Monday, November 20th to Sunday, November 26th. Classes will resume on Monday, November 27th. We hope everyone is able to enjoy time with their families and loved ones!



4. Studio Calendar and 2023/2024 Facebook Page

New this season, we are pleased to introduce a studio wide calendar! This calendar has general events and important dates.

If your dancer is a part of, Performance Team/Troupe, Apprentice, Production or Disney; separate calendars will be made and families will be added when they are ready!

To access the Studio Calendar and add it to your phone, please click here!

To join our 2023/2024 Facebook, please click here!




5. Inclement Weather Reminder- Everyone

As we are approaching snow season, we want to remind everyone how to know about any inclement weather cancellations. Most of the time if schools are closed, the studio will be closed as well, but not always.  Please see below how and when you will be notified.


In the case of closure, we will:

*Post on Facebook/Instagram

*Send out an e-mail roughly 2 hours before the start of class.

*Send a push notification on our app


If it’s more than 2 hours before classes begin, please wait to get in touch with us. Sometimes conditions change throughout the day so we like to make sure we have the most up-to-date information before making a call. We promise we will reach out!

Please note, per our policies, Joy of Dance is not responsible for cancellations due to bad weather, however, students are always welcome to make up any missed classes at another time!  Simply send us an email or text to preschedule the makeup so we don’t have too many makeups on the same night.




6. Boots & Slippers- Everyone who uses the lobby

Cold and bitter weather is on the horizon whether we like it or not. Please remember to take off your mucky boots when entering the studio. We understand feet get cold in the winter, so feel free to bring slippers into the studio to wear while you wait for your dancer!



7. Stage-Ready Investment-Everyone in performances

The 2nd Installment of fees will be due on 11/15. To review the information please click here!



8. Winter Showcase!-Everyone performing

We are so excited to hold our 2nd annual Winter Showcase at Dover High School on Saturday, January 20th! We will be having two performances.  Show 1 will be at 2:00 pm, Show 2 will be at 4:30 pm. Each show will be under 75 minutes.

If you have any questions or concerns about the Showcase, please email [email protected]

Winter Showcase Class List

Winter Showcase Information



9. Holiday Photos!

Would you love to have professional pictures of your kids to share with family and friends for the holidays? Well, you are in luck! We are pleased to offer Winter Photos as an option on 12/3 from 12:00-3:00 pm. These photos will be a bit different than our Recital pictures (these are done during our in-house dress rehearsal week). 

What to wear: Winter Photos this year will be taken of individual dancers only. We do expect to have Winter Showcase costumes in on time, however, please have a backup option just in case (or even as your first option). We recommend your favorite dance outfit or even a fun holiday outfit if you wish. Remember your dance shoes!

What to expect for picture options: We will take close-up pictures, and full-body dance pictures plus add in some fun winter props like snowflakes, large ornaments, candy canes, plus a snowball fight.

No sitting fees: There will not be any sitting or booking fee for these pictures.  Simply book a time, pick your package, and enjoy your photos.

Sibling pictures: Dancers may even bring siblings and choose the single photo option to take a picture together.  It’s OK if the sibling doesn’t dance, they are welcome to come anyway! 

Times are set up in 15 min blocks with up to 5 dancers per slot.




10. Acts of Kindness: Food Drive- Everyone

Next time you go grocery shopping, why not pick up a couple of items for those in need this holiday season? We will have a food drive drop-off in the studio for the month of November that will be going directly to the Lee Church Congregational Pantry & the Barrington Food Pantry. Items needed include (but are not limited to): baked beans, snack crackers, canned fruit and vegetables, stuffing, pie crust mix, instant oatmeal, hygiene products etc. For every item brought in, you can enter to win a Joy of Dance swag bag! Please see the front desk receptionist to fill out your tickets. The drawing will be held on 12/1!




11. Try Everything Special 11/27-12/2!- Everyone

During this week, students can sign up for a free class in a new style! For our Dance With Me and Tiny Stars dancers who are not already signed up twice per week, this is your chance to try a second class per week.  This helps to build confidence, and strength, plus meet new friends! You never know what other dance styles you might fall in love with! Is your dancer interested in trying a style but can’t attend during that week? Follow the same steps and let us know what day they can attend!

This special is great for those who:

-Always wanted to try out something new

-Unsure if a new style is something they will like

-Want to test out if adding in an additional class works with their schedule

-Is thinking about adding a new style for next year

-Wants to have more fun!


How do I join in this special? It’s as easy as 1 2 3…

  1. Look at the schedule below 
  2. Text “Try Everything” to (603) 617-4012
  3. Our Team will send you a confirmation text!

Click HERE for the schedule 


12. Safe Haven Ballet’s Nutcracker and The Grinch!- Everyone

This year we will be attending Safe Haven Ballet’s production of “The Nutcracker”.  On stage, you will get to see Miss Marissa, and Miss Mykenzi along with several of our dancers!

Show Information


See you on the dance floor!

Miss Lindsey, Owner & Director at Joy of Dance

Miss Elissa, Studio Manager


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