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Table of Contents and who it applies to:

  1. Annual Membership Renewal- Everyone
  2. Class Flow Chart and Policies & Tuition Information for the 2023-2024 Dance Season- Everyone
  3. Picture Week May 15th-May 20th- Everyone participating in recital
  4. Share Week & Practice Videos: March 6th-11th- Everyone
  5. Important message about sharing videos and photos to social media-Everyone
  6. Summer Dance and Camps Priority Registration 2/27-3/11- Everyone interested in dancing this summer
  7. Annual Sleepover!- Everyone in 2nd grade and older
  8. Winter Showcase Video Links- Everyone who participated in Winter Showcase

1. Annual Membership

The annual membership is designed to help make the enrollment process as easy as possible for our dance families. No need to stress over if a class will fill up before you get a chance to register anymore! Plus, we enroll your dancer(s) for you, so you don’t have to worry or stress about getting into the class(es) recommended for you and/or your dancer. Having the knowledge of how many dancers are wishing to continue with their training helps us to accommodate enough space in the levels for all of our dancers.

**The annual membership fee is $55 per dancer and $90 per family for 2023-2024. Those renewing before April 1st will receive a 10% discount ($49.50 per dancer or $81 per family) and will be charged on March 25th to current families.  The fee includes priority registration, easy enrollment, and special discounts for birthday parties, workshops, and summer camps.

The Annual Membership fee is posted on 3/20 and due on 3/25.

Learn more with our FAQ Sheet! 

If you are not planning on returning next dance season or if you are unsure as of now, you will need to opt-out before 3/15 by filling out this Opt Out Form. For those opting out now, you can always re-register later if you change your mind!


2. Class Flow Chart, Policies & Tuition Information for the 2023-2024 Dance Season

We have updated our policies and tuition for the 2023-2024 dance year. Please set aside about 10-15 minutes to read through the material here and make sure to jot down any questions you may have for us. We’re always here to answer your questions!

We are also proud to announce some new and exciting programs for next year! The details are listed out in the PDF below.

Click on the links below for all the details!

2023-2024 Flow Chart

2023-2024 Policies & Tuition


3. Picture Week

Please make sure to mark your calendar for the following dates:

May 15th- May 20th

Pictures will be taken on your normal dance day with a modified schedule. There will be a dressing room time, picture time and dress rehearsal time.  More information to follow.


4. Share Week & Practice Videos March 6th-11th

We take the time to share dances with our parents, and with the other classes being held at the same time. This helps the dancers get used to having an audience and get excited about the progress they’ve made so far with their Recital pieces!

Share week will be in person! Parents and students of other classes will be able to watch in the studio this year.

Share Week Schedule can be be found HERE!

How to read the schedule: search for your dancers class by the day of the week they attend. Each class has a specific time they will meet and what studio they will share in.

Example: Tiny Stars Thursday will share at 6pm in the Teal Studio.

All the teachers also videotape this week and videos get uploaded into google classroom. This means parents can sit back and enjoy the performances the dancers are putting on for them!

Looking to practice? Just log in to your google classroom to listen to the music and see the practice videos.

Access Google Classroom Information Here!

Is your dancer in more than one class? Each class has its own google classroom, and videos can be easily and conveniently downloaded to help students practice.



5. Important message about sharing videos and photos to Social Media

Dancers love to perform and we urge you to come into the studio to watch! As we start to work on our recital pieces, we wanted to send a few notes about posting to social media.

When posting a video from class on social media, please make sure it’s only your child, or you have permission if any other child is in the video.

We LOVE to see pictures of our dancers having fun both inside and outside of class, so please tag us when posting on Facebook and/or Instagram (@joyofdancenh).  However, we respectfully ask you do not post any FULL videos of choreography you take during class or at any performances(partial clips are great!).  This is because rehearsal videos are meant for practice purposes only and are not performance-ready for the public to see.  We also want people to be surprised at Recital!

We will be sharing small snippets of pieces on our FaceBook page and encourage you to share those with friends and family. After Recital, we are happy to see videos you have taken of dances posted to social media.  In fact, we encourage it!  We just ask that you please tag us in your posts so people know where you dance and how to find us.  Thank you for your understanding on this!


6. Summer Dance

Our Summer Dance and Camp information was released earlier this week! Priority registration for our dance families runs from 2/27-3/11! Make sure to register during this time to claim your membership savings.

Check out everything we have going on this summer below!

Summer Dance Announcement


7. Annual Sleepover!

We are excited to announce our Annual Sleepover! The Sleepover will be held on Saturday April 1st. Dancers will learn a combo, share dances and have lots of fun!

Drop off
Saturday April 1st: between 6:30-6:45 pm

Pick Up
Sunday April 2nd: between 7:45 -8:00 am

Any dancer in 2nd grade and older can sign up!

Dancers should eat dinner before arriving.  There will be some snacks for later, but feel free to pack any special snacks for later. The cost is $50 per dancer and $30 for each additional dancer in the family. Space is limited and the fee must be paid upon registration.

Dancers not wishing to sleepover may still sign up and enjoy the party before heading home at 10:30pm.

To register click HERE!


8. Winter Showcase Digital Download Links

We are so proud of all of the dancers who performed in our first annual Winter Showcase! Below you will find links to download the video from each show. Links will be live until May 1, 2023.

Show 1 Link–> https://vimeo.com/800397050
Show 2–> https://vimeo.com/800504293


As always, please reach out with any questions.


JoD Team

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