Table of Contents:

  1. February Vacation- 2/19-2/25
  2. Fairytale Storytime on 2/21!
  3. Annual Membership
  4. Share week and practice videos
  5. Important message about sharing videos and photos
  6. Recital!
  7. Google Classrooms
  8. Costumes
  9. Bathroom breaks
  10. Inclement Weather


This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is important.jpg1. February Vacation

We will be closed for February Vacation from February 19th – 25th. Classes will resume on Saturday, February 26th!

2. Fairytale Storytime on Monday, February 21st!

While we are closed for regular classes on 2/21, we are open in the morning for this special event!

Guests will enjoy a morning full of Fairytale Wonder! Stories, dance instruction, and movement games will keep your little one active and having fun all while you enjoy a worry-free holiday morning. Both Joy of Dance students (and siblings!) and new families are all welcome to attend!*

*Any dancers from our January event do not need to register for this, as your registration has carried over.

Date: Monday, February 21st (President’s Day)
Ages: 3-8
Guests are welcome to wear gowns or other dress-up clothes on top of loose, comfortable clothing.
Time: 9:30am-11:30am
Cost: $25

To register please click here



Gold-level membership [M.O.T.M.C] Recurring Monthly ... 3. Annual Membership Renewal coming up!

What is Annual membership?

The annual membership is your membership fee for the next dance season. It is designed to help make the enrollment process as easy as possible for our dance families. In the past, classes have filled up quickly when registration opened, (some as quickly as 2 hours after registration opens!). Having the knowledge of how many dancers are wishing to continue with their training helps us to accommodate enough space in the levels for all of our dancers.

The Annual Membership fee is due on 3/25.  If you are not planning on returning the next season, you will need to opt out by 3/15 (we will send out the form later this month).  For those opting out now, you can always re-register later if you change your mind.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is 25.png 4. Share Week and Practice Videos

Share week: 4/16-4/22

The last week of classes this month is a fun week at the studio! We take the time to share dances with our parents, and with the other classes being held at the same time.  This helps the dancers get used to having an audience and get excited about the progress they’ve made so far with their Recital pieces.  All the teachers also videotape this week in order to send out for practicing over break and beyond.  This means parents can sit back and enjoy the performances the dancers are putting on for them! To view choreography videos, log in to your google classroom. Is your dancer in more than one class? Each class has its own google classroom, and videos can be easily and conveniently be downloaded to help students practice.

All share classes are held over zoom. Only parents of Tiny Stars classes are allowed into the studio to watch in person.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is important.jpg5. Important Message About Posting Dances to Social Media 

Dancers love to perform and we urge you to come into the studio to watch! As we start to work on our recital pieces, we wanted to send a few notes about posting to social media. When posting a video from class on social media, please make sure it’s only your child, or you have permission if any other child is in the video. We LOVE to see pictures of our dancers having fun both inside and outside of class, so please tag us when posting on Facebook and/or Instagram (@joyofdancenh).  However, we respectfully ask you do not post any FULL videos of choreography you take during class or at any performances(partial clips are great!).  This is because rehearsal videos are meant for practice purposes only and are not performance-ready for the public to see.  We also want people to be surprised at Recital! We will be sharing small snippets of pieces on our FaceBook page and encourage you to shares those with friends and family. After Recital, we are happy to see videos you have taken of dances posted to social media.  In fact, we encourage it!  We just ask that you please tag us in your posts so people know where you dance and how to find us.  Thank you for your understanding on this!

    6. Recital planning is underway!

Recital is only 4 months away!

The Recital is a time for our dancers to show off the hard work they put in all year long. The dancers look forward to putting on their fabulous costumes, performing on stage, and having a blast! It helps them to gain confidence by working towards hitting a big goal they set at the beginning of the year. It also inspires dancers to do their best and helps them understand what it takes to be a part of a team.  It is a special day that will hold special memories for everyone involved!

Did you miss our Recital FAQ email? Check it out here!



7. Google Classrooms

Google classrooms are up and running! We will be adding parent emails over the next few weeks before share week. If you do not receive a notification before share week please let us know by texting 603-664-4309 or emailing [email protected]. Each class has its own google classroom that will be filled with lots of information. Dancers and parents will be able to find music, practice videos, costume, hair, makeup, shoe and tight information, and other important recital information as it gets released! Stay tuned for more detailed information on how to access Google Classrooms!



This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is 24.png8. Costumes

Costumes arrive between January and April!

-*Costumes are tried on during class time.  The dancers love getting to practice their dance in their costumes!

-All costume pieces should stay in the provided garment bag in order to be kept clean and wrinkle-free until picture week.

*Please note, the costume company sends out costumes as soon as they arrive in their warehouse, so not every dancer will get to try on their costume at the same time. For our younger dancers, we will have some dress-up items to wear if their costume is not in, so everyone feels included! 

This year, shipping dates have been unpredictable.  We may need to get creative if dates are pushed back or some costumes become unavailable.  This may mean that a class might not have a cohesive look to them this year. Remember, everything is adaptable and we will make sure to get our dancers on stage and looking fabulous!


This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is 18.jpg9. Bathroom breaks

We want to make sure our dancers are getting the most out of their time while at Joy of Dance, so please remind them to use the bathroom before leaving home or when arriving at the studio!

10. Inclement Weather

The snow season has started, and we want to remind everyone how to know about any inclement weather cancellations. Generally, if schools are closed, the studio will be closed as well.

In the case of closure, we will:

*Make a decision 2 hours before classes start (in case of condition changes) or by 7:30 am on a Saturday

*Post on Facebook/Instagram

*Send out an e-mail

*Send a push notification on our app

If it’s more than 2 hours before classes begin, please wait to get in touch with us. Sometimes condition change throughout the day so we like to make sure we have the most up-to-date information before making a call. We promise we will reach out!

Please note, per our policies, Joy of Dance is not responsible for cancellations due to bad weather, however, students are always welcome to make up any missed classes at another time!  Simply send us an email or text to preschedule the makeup so we don’t have too many makeups on the same night.

Best Regards,

JoD Staff

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