Happy February!

Winter break

We will be closed for Winter Break from February 23rd to March 1st.

We will be open for President’s Day February 18th!

Annual Membership

What is annual membership?

The annual membership is a new offering this year designed to help make the enrollment process as easy as possible for our dance families.  In the past, classes have filled up quickly when registration opens, some as quickly as 2 hours after registration opens! If we knew ahead of time of the interest in that class, we could have opened up another option in order to accommodate all the dancers in that level. To find out more info about the membership, please refer to the email sent out to all families on January 26th!

The annual membership fee is $40 per dancer and $75 per family and will be charged April 1st to current families.  The fee includes priority registration, the Recital Digital Download, easy enrollment, and special discounts for birthday parties, workshops and summer camps/classes. Reminders will be sent via email in February and March.  Families wishing to opt out of membership must provide written notification (email) no later than March 15th.

Share Week and Practice Videos

The last week of classes is a fun week at the studio! We take the time to share dances with our parents and with the other classes being held at the same time.  This helps the dancers get used to having an audience and to get excited about the progress they’ve made so far with their Recital pieces.  All the teachers also videotape this week in order to send out for practicing over break and beyond.  This means parents can sit back and enjoy the performances the dancers are putting on for them! To view choreography videos, download the Band App in the App store.  After, you can use this Choreography Link to connect to our profile.  Dances will be placed in albums according to the day of the week they meet. Download Recital Music 2019 here.

Important Message About Posting Dances to Social Media 

We LOVE to see pictures of our dancers having fun both inside outside of class, so please tag us when posting on FaceBook(@joyofdancenh) or Instagram(joyofdancenh).  However, we respectfully ask you not to post any full videos of choreography you take during class or at any performances until after Recital takes place.  This is because rehearsal videos are meant for practice purposes only and are not performance ready for the public to see.  We also want people to be surprised at Recital!  After Recital, we are happy to see any videos you have taken of dances posted to social media.  In fact, we encourage it!  We just ask that you please tag us in your posts so people know where you dance and how to find us.  Thank you for your understanding on this!

Receiving Costumes & Tights

We are getting so excited for Recital now that costumes are starting to be delivered. Please note that we will be handing them out once we receive ALL for each class but some costumes will be shipping at a later date due to warehouse stocking. No need to worry if your costume hasn’t arrived in the near future. We promise all costumes have been ordered and have shipping dates.

As stated in our new Recital costume fee policy, one pair of tights per style per dancer is included in the costume fee. Tights will be passed out in March.

Bathroom breaks

We want to make sure our dancers are getting the most out of their time while at Joy of Dance, so please remind them to use the bathroom before leaving home or when arriving at the studio.


Did you know that under the Events page on the website, you can click on one of our events(studio closings/openings, vacations, performances, etc.) and it will import all the information right into your Google Calendar or iCal on your phone??  This makes it easy to keep up with happenings at the studio! Make sure you check it out if you haven’t already.

Speaking of Events…

We would love to see some of our Joy of Dance family come out to support our dancers in their upcoming performances.  It’s a great time cheering on your fellow dancers, supporting a good cause and also getting to see many other talented dancers from surrounding studios perform.  There are two opportunities next month, Dance Northeast on March 23rd and Dancing to Make A Difference on March 30th. The Events page has more detailed information for you.

Recital is June 8th and 9th!!!

Our Recital theme is… *drumroll*… “BE INCREDIBLE”! Our Production dancers have been hard at work on their Incredibles choreography and can’t wait to share the opening number at Recital. Mark your calendars for June 8th & 9th if you haven’t already! We will be sending out information on tights, shoes, hair, and accessories in the near future.

Student Choreography Showcase

Any dancer ages 8 and older are invited on Saturday, March 16th at 2:00 pm to audition for the Student Choreography Showcase.  Choreography for the Showcase is a great responsibility!  We audition dancers to make sure they are taking it seriously and are prepared with all the steps completed on or before the audition date. There is a $10 audition fee per dancer and a sign-up sheet is on Miss Lindsey’s desk at the studio. Choreography pieces MUST be fully completed at the time of the audition in order to be considered for the Showcase.  More information on this can be found on the Recital tab on our website.  If the dancer has completed all steps on or before March 16th and makes it into the Showcase, there is a performance fee of $20 per dancer per dance to cover the cost of running the Showcase.  Audience members do not need to buy tickets for the Showcase. We look forward to a wonderful show!

Illness Policy

As winter season has started, we are seeing more and more kids coming in with illnesses of varying degrees and types. We would like to take a moment and go over our policy for illness with you so we can help keep our studio and dancers as healthy as possible this school year.

Please make sure anyone coming to the studio either to attend classes or sit in the reception area, are free of the following symptoms for at least 24 hours WITHOUT medications before returning to class:
*Green Mucous
*Productive Cough

Remember that any class missed due to illness is able to be made up by attending either the same level or a level below for your child’s age range in any style they choose.

Thank you for helping to keep our dancers healthy!

Checking Dancer’s Absences

We wanted to remind you that you can check your dancer’s absences in your online portal! This feature is especially helpful if your dancer is working toward getting perfect attendance for the year, and to clarify if there are any classes to make up.  Occasionally a teacher might miss taking attendance, so if you know your dancer has a class to make up that isn’t showing up in the portal, you are still, of course, welcome to make that class up. Dancers in Pre-Dance classes and higher are eligible for Perfect Attendance.  We have found that is a great age for dancers to start to take responsibility in attending class each week to get the most out of their dance education.

To view your dancer’s absences, log into your online portal, click on “My Account”, “My Students”, and choose the “Absences” tab. To schedule a make up class, please email Nicole at info@joyofdancenh.com

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