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We offer a variety of dance classes including Ballet, Pointe, Jazz, Tap, Modern, Lyrical, Musical Theatre,  Hip Hop, Hip Hop Troupe, Performance Team, Creative Movement, Mommy & Me, and Adult classes in Jazz/Ballet, Tap and Hip Hop. in a warm, fun affordable manner.

The dress code for each class is listed under its description. All dancers must wear hair neatly up in a ponytail, out of her face. No jewelry should be worn to class. Stud earrings are allowed in pierced ears.

Mommy & Me

(ages 20 months to 3 years)

Children will learn fun dance-related activities, basic dance steps, stretches and classroom etiquette in a fun, safe environment with Mom or Dad.

Helpful hints for our Mommy and Me class– The parent can assist with all dance moves, even carrying the dancer if she or he wants extra cuddles, or the dancer may participate more independently, dancing next to their parent.  Occasionally dancers can get upset because they are overwhelmed.  It happens to the best of us! If this occurs, it’s best to leave the room, calm down your dancer and return when he or she is feeling better.

Dress Code- Any color leotard, pink tights, pink leather ballet shoes(ones with no strings if you can find them!)

Creative Movement

(ages 3 to 4)

This class is for children who love to move and play. Students will learn ballet movement, coordination games, and social skills for dance class. High energy and creativity are the focus for this class.

Dress Code- Any color leotard, pink tights, pink leather ballet shoes(ones with no strings if you can find them!)

Pre-Ballet/Tap 1

(ages 5-6)

Pre-Dance provides young dancers with an introductory course into the world of dance, learning basic ballet technique and basic tap steps in a fun, creative environment.
Dress Code- Any color leotard, pink tights, pink leather ballet shoes(ones with no strings if you can find them!), black tap shoes

Pre-Ballet/Tap 2

(ages 6-7)

A continuation of Pre-Ballet/Tap for 6 year old students who have taking Pre-Ballet/Tap 1 or 7 year olds beginning his or her first year of dance.
Dress Code- Any color leotard, pink tights, pink leather ballet shoes(ones with no strings if you can find them!), black tap shoes


(ages 5-7)

This class focuses on stretching correctly, movement across the floor, learning to put combinations together and having fun of course!

Dress Code- Any color leotard, pink or tan tights, black slip-on jazz shoes

Combo 1

(ages 8-9) /

Combo 2

(ages 9-10)

These hour and a half classes work on learning correct ballet and jazz technique both at the bar and across the floor. The Combo class is a great class for students looking to further their dance abilities while keeping the enjoyment of dance the focus of the class.
Dress Code- Any color leotard, pink or tan tights, pink canvas split soled ballet shoes, black slip-on jazz shoes Class placements for ages 10 and up must be approved by the director.

Workshop 1

(ages 10-12) /

Workshop 2

(ages 11-13)

The workshop classes are two hour classes, splitting the time between Ballet and Jazz. In Workshop 1, students will have a more extensive learning experience the previous levels. They will focus on vocabulary, proper technique, barre work, across the floor, and center combinations. The exercises given will help develop the muscles needed to be on Pointe shoes. Workshop 2 continues to build on technique learned in Workshop 1.

Workshop 3

(ages 12-15) /

Workshop 4

(ages 14-18)

In these classes, students will be able to advance their Ballet and Jazz techniques to further develop correct body placement, strength and flexibility. Across the floor technique will include kicks, turns and leaps, along with more extensive combinations.
Dress Code for all Workshop classes- Black spaghetti strap leotard, tights, pink canvas split soled ballet shoes, slip on black jazz shoes(no ties) or foot paws.

Pointe 1 & 2

(ages 12 & up)

Part of classical ballet technique, Pointe is danced on the tip of the toes using specially reinforced shoes called pointe shoes or toe shoes. Pointe is available only to students over the age of 12 with two consecutive years of dance experience and meet the criteria for beginner Pointe work (see the link below for more information). It is dangerous to start at a younger age as the bones in the feet are still growing and can be permanently damaged.
Dress Code- Black spaghetti strap leotard, tights, Pointe shoes fitted by experts

Criteria for Beginner Pointe Work


(ages 8 and up)

Tap concentrates on rhythm and jazz styles. Technique is focused on achieving clear sounds and expressive rhythms.
Dress Code- Comfortable clothes, black tap shoes

Contemporary Modern 1

(ages 8-11) /

Contemporary Modern 2

(ages 10-13) /

Contemporary Modern 3

(ages 14 & up)

Modern dance started as a way for ballet dancers to rebel against the rigid constraints of classical ballet. It has since evolved This class focuses on blending creativity with technique rather than technique alone. (Must be enrolled in a workshop class in order to take Modern)
Dress Code- Black spaghetti strap leotard, tights, foot paws

Hip Hop 1

(ages 8-10) /

Hip Hop 2

(ages 9-11) /

Hip Hop 3

(ages 11-14) /

Hip Hop 4

(ages 13 & up)

Hip Hop is primarily danced to R & B music and has evolved from breaking, locking, and popping to cutting edge choreography. Often freestyle in nature, hip hop provides the recreational dancer with an athletic, fun, and creative workout.
Dress Code- Comfortable clothes, black jazz shoes or jazz sneakers(no street sneakers allowed)

Adult Dance

(ages 18 and up)

We offer a variety of classes for adults who have danced before, are just starting out or are somewhere in-between .  Our Adult Dance class is an intermediate/advanced Jazz class with some ballet and lyrical mixed in.  Adult Hip Hop is for beginner/intermediate dancers and Adult Tap is offered for beginner/intermediate. It’s never too late to start!


Performance Teams

(ages 8 and up)

At Joy of Dance we value performing for and around the Barrington community.  Our Performance Teams receive several opportunities through out the year for extra performances at local and charity events in the area as well as one dance competition a year.  We currently have three teams- Petite Team for ages 8-11, Junior Team for ages 11-14, and Senior Team for ages 14-18.  Team dancers are required to be in a ballet class and are expected to attend weekly rehearsals on top of technique classes as well as all performances.

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