Check out our schedule here: 2018-2019 Printable Schedule

Classes are offered in Ballet, Jazz, Tap, Modern, Pointe, Hip Hop, Lyrical, Musical Theatre and Creative Movement. The studio also offers Dance With Me classes, as well as Adult classes in Ballet, Jazz, Tap, Modern and Hip Hop.

Why do we have a dress code?

At Joy of Dance, we believe that adhering to a dress code gives students a sense of belonging to our family as well as creating an identity for our studio in the greater community. Dance is a discipline and that begins with the way a dancer dresses for class. 

Instructors need to be able to see students’ arms, legs, hip and knee joints, and muscles to ensure proper movements are being made, to prevent injury, and to give proper correction to form. Dance styles have different dress codes to bring out the best in that dance style. Instructors have permission to make changes to the dress code as they feel necessary through the year.



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