Performance Teams and Hip Hop Troupe

Performance Teams

(ages 6 and up)

At Joy of Dance we value performing for and around the Barrington community.  Our Performance Teams receive several opportunities through out the year for extra performances at local and charity events in the area as well as one dance competition a year.  We currently have four teams- Mini Team for ages 6-7, Petite Team for ages 8-11, Junior Team for ages 11-14, and Senior Team for ages 14-18.  Team dancers are required to be in a ballet class and are expected to attend weekly rehearsals on top of technique classes as well as all performances. Mini Team will only be required to attend one competition and one community event.  Dates for all performances will be given out in the early fall.


Hip Hop Troupe

(ages 9 and up)

Hip Hop Troupe is for the Hip Hop dancer who wishes to improve their style and performance skills through extra performance opportunities.  The Troupe will attend the same events as our Performance Teams including a competition in the Spring. Dancers must be enrolled in a Hip Hop class in order to register and are expected to attend weekly classes on top of their regular Hip Hop class, as well as all performances.


Tuition are all Teams and Troupe is discounted to the 30 min rate of $34.  You will also receive an additional multi class discount on top of this.

Team and Troupe classes meet in September and continue through June until Recital.


Team:Troupe Contract 2017-2018

Helpful tips for competition

2017-2018 Performance Teams and Hip Hop Troupes

Mini Performance Team

Savanna Bassett
Lydia Chabot
Kenlie Denen
Katie Elliott
Briley Gower
Abigail Marcotte
Allison Okenquist

Petite Performance Team

Jordyn Albin
Madelyn Barr
Erika Best
Gracie Edwards
Brooklyn Elliott
Eliana Gracia
Isabelle Grrenier
Hadlea Murray
Emma Perry
Arielle Price
Emily Todd
Kelsey Verville
Olivia Verville

Junior Performance Team

Emelia Chabot
Madeleine Grenier
Kaylie Hodgdon
Somer Loto
Kylie Merchant
Lillian Perry
Olivia Sevin
Natalie Sinnamon

Senior Performance Team

Lauren Best
Jenni Dudley
Sophia Fontaine
Taylor George
Helen Jardon
Grishma Kadariya
Andrea Mendozza
Maggie Peck
Quinn Rich
Anna Sargent
Emma Wiley

Junior Hip Hop Troupe

Jordyn Albin
Sadie Anderson
Emma Anderson
Jada Bourdon
Gracie Edwards
Hadlea Murray
Olivia Seven
Sarah Spargo
Stella Vachon

Senior Hip Hop Troupe

Jenni Dudley
Samara Garcia
Taylor George
Helen Jardon
Kylie Merchant
Maggie Peck
Anna Sargent
Natalie Sinnamon
Emma Wiley